It's with the founding of the Théâtre du Vaisseau d’Or , in 1993, that started my incursion into the great world of live entertainment. I rapidly developed an attraction for artistic convergence and inter-disciplinarity which would become an important part or my artistic signature. In creating that troupe at the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, nothing led me to believe that it would still be running strong in 2021, continuing the mission of bringing forth the passion for theater and revealing the inner talent of students by putting them in direct contact with professional from the business. It's within this troupe that I worked on my stage eye and directing skills, always putting forward the inclusiveness of all within the creative process. Ten years (1993-2003), eleven productions, including Germinal (Zola),MacBeth (Shakespeare), Les Sorcières de Salem (Miller), Le Mariage de Figaro (Beaumarchais), Don Quichotte (Ronfard), Talk radio (Bogosian) and Rhinocéros (Ionesco). The Théâtre du Vaisseau d'Or was an all around directors' playground where I had the chance to collaborate with numerous professional designers and see students grow into their passion for the stage that would in many cases carry them towards a professional career.         Rhinocéros 

SMOG (collectif) CdAM
Photo: R. Etcheverry

In 2003, the creation of the theater event SMOG at the Conservatoire d’Art dramatique de Montréal will mark my first collaboration with a professional theater school. This vertiginous spectacle borned out of the writings of six up-an-coming authors (Billette, Boudreault, Choinière, De la Chenelière and Zoomba) gave life to an eclectic world clashing together strong poetic universes in impressive and explosive fashion. It united at its' core the elements that would establish some of the particular artistic signature of my creations; athletic performances in innovative stage design and a strong visual environment.

L’Opéra de Quat’sous (Weill-Brecht)
Collège Lionel-Groulx

I've had the privilege of working many times at theNational Theater School of Canada, among which two stagings: Scenes from the big picture by McCafferty (2006) and Mephisto by Mnouchkine (2008) with the third year acting class. I also directed contemporary monologues with the second year students and supervised the directors' class in 2006. From that same year until 2010, I directed the annual workshops leading to the admission in that same school.

Teaching led me to an incursion into musical theater with L’Opéra de Quat’Sous by Brecht/Weill , a show I staged with the graduating class of 2009, from the Lionel-Groulx College..

Since last fall, I've been in charge of university Playwrights' classes at the École Supérieure de Théâtre (UQAM 2020-21), where I had the privilege of being in contact with some of the future voices of drama.

In all these teaching experiences, I find the liberty and willingness of innovation and the spirit of creation that constantly pushes me towards new challenges.